Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, born on February 25, 1841, in Limoges, France, became a leading figure in the Impressionist movement. His skilful use of colour and delicate brushwork made him one of the most celebrated painters of his time.

With a natural affinity for drawing from a young age, Renoir began as an apprentice to a porcelain painter, where he honed his technical skills and developed an eye for detail. He found inspiration and camaraderie among a group of like-minded artists who rebelled against the traditional artistic conventions of the era.

Renoir ventured across Europe in 1881 and 1882, profoundly influencing his artistic style and leading him away from Impressionism towards a more classical approach.

Later in life, after he developed rheumatism, Renoir continued to paint, resorting to strapping brushes to his hands for painting. When questioned about painting despite the discomfort, he replied “The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”